+ How do the Speed Bands work?

+ How are the Bands to be used during training?

+ What exercises can be done with the Speed Bands?

+ In what order do I use the bands in my training season?

+ Can the red and green Speed bands be used together on the knee straps?

+ Are Speed Bands and other Instant Speed products only used for athletics?

+ From which country did Instant Speed products originate?

+ How do Instant Speed’s Speed Bands differ from other resistance training products?

+ Can the Speed Band, Ankle Band or Power Band break, tear, rip, etc.?

+ Do I receive a training program with a purchase of any of your products?

+ How do I attach my Speed Band knee straps correctly?

+ What sports will benefit from Instant Speed products?

+ Most people believe that: “only those blessed with great speed, or great strength, are born with a higher percentage of 'fast-twitch' muscle fibres.” Hence the reason only they can run fast?

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