2020 Training Programme for Speed Bands, Ankle Bands, Explosive Jumper and Bullet Release Belt - 2020-07-03

Use the Instant Speed products 2-3 times a week for 30 to 45-minute sessions for great results: Completing speed drills at 100% intensity (maximum) with resistance bands can stimulate muscle transformation (slow twitch muscle fibres to fast-twitch) and lead to a faster athlete. When performing exercises with the Speed Bands you want to be w... more

Black November Specials - 2019-11-28

BLACK NOVEMBER SPECIALS – While stocks last!         FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE IN SOUTH AFRICA Contact me on or whattsapp on 083 648 6092. Free training programme and  access to all videos on shared folders with a purchase. ... more

Beauden Barrett Speed Training - 2019-04-05

If rugby is your game … I want to tell you about a great investment you can make in your future! Being able to accelerate faster, more powerfully and for longer periods of a game is the simple recipe for success on the rugby pitch, however that makes it one of the most demanding sports on the body and therefore all muscles must be conditi... more

Rugby Speed Training - 2019-02-04

Rugby season is almost upon us … and the schools especially are working hard on their conditioning, strength and fitness! Being able to accelerate faster, more powerfully and for longer periods of a game is a simple recipe for success on the rugby pitch. The game of rugby is one of the most demanding sports on the body and therefore all m... more

2019 Training Programme for Speed Bands, Ankle Bands and Explosive Jumper - 2019-01-16

Good day, I would like to thank you for purchasing Instant Speed products! Follow me & post me your training pictures on Instagram @speed_bands_south_africa or You are more than welcome to distribute this newsletter to anyone that can benefit from the exercises mentioned! Use the Instant Speed... more

Explosive Power Jumper - 2018-11-29

Introducing Instant Speed International’s latest product … the new Explosive Power Jumper! A fantastic new product to help you build explosive power and jumping ability … Ideal for netball, rugby and track & field athletics, the Explosive Power Jumper maximizes your vertical and horizontal explosiveness by strengtheni... more

Power Speed Sleds - 2018-11-23

I want to introduce you to a fantastic new product for another great investment in your athletic performance! Learning how to accelerate to top speed is one of the most difficult skills in sprinting. Pulling a sled can improve your sprinting speed and create an anabolic environment conducive to burning fat and gaining muscle. Acceleration i... more

Usain Bolt Speed Training Course - 2018-10-15

I try to send out only one newsletter per month HOWEVER; YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS!!!! I want to tell you about a great investment you can make in your sporting future! Martin and his team at Instant Speed have put together an exciting, comprehensive and very well-structured training programme. Leeroy Gray and Kemar Baily-Cole present a w... more

Develop Hip Flexor Strength with these 2 Exercises - 2018-10-09

When you train with resistance bands they add additional challenge to a movement. This increases your strength throughout that range of motion, so when you perform the same exercise without the added resistance you will be faster and more explosive. These 2 Exercises Strengthen the Muscles in your Hip Region. Before an intense speed training ... more

Soccer Speed Training - 2018-08-22

The new Premier League seasons (world-wide) are just around the corner! Soccer or football is the most popular sport in the world as it is played in most countries at a professional level. Players at the top of their game must have strong powerful hamstrings, quads and glutes to allow them to accelerate up and down the pitch. Core muscles mus... more

Ladder Agility Drills for Improved Speed, Agility & Quickness - 2018-07-19

Quick feet ladder drills are extremely important because they give you a chance to work on so many different areas of athletic development. Ladder agility drills are an excellent way to improve foot speed, agility, coordination and overall quickness. They are an integral part of many Speed Agility Quickness programs and compliment... more

Dragon Crawl with Speed Bands to Build Strength and Muscle Endurance - 2018-06-28

If you are looking for an exercise that will simultaneously build strength and muscular endurance in your legs, core, chest, triceps and shoulders then it's time to get on the floor and start dragon crawling. Watch the video here now and increase your overall body strength. This killer exercise: Improves overall body stren... more

Develop Explosive Lower Body Power with these 4 Plyometric Exercises - 2018-05-07

Plyometric exercises and drills are designed to contract and extend athlete's muscles quickly to develop power and strength which is needed for speed. Adding Speed Bands to Plyometric exercises will help you train your muscles to improve jump height and other explosive moves. The resistance bands put tension on the muscles cau... more

Barloworld Toyota Menlyn Waterkloof Netbalfees 2018 - 2018-03-25

I will be at Hoërskool Waterkloof with my full range of Instant Speed products from Saturday 31 March 2018 to Wednesday 4 April 2018. PLEASE FORWARD THIS MAIL TO ANYONE YOU KNOW WHO WILL BE ATTENDING THE NETBALFEES OR WHO WILL BE INTERESTED IN THESE AMAZING PRODUCTS!!! See you there! ... more

Instant Speed Training Programme - 2018-03-15

Below is the latest Training Programme for Speed Bands and Ankle Bands. Once again, I would like to thank you for purchasing Instant Speed products. Please read this exercise brochure in full to get the most from your product. Follow me & post me your training pictures on Instagram @speed_bands_south_africa or more

Glute Activation Exercises that Increase Explosive Power - 2018-03-15

If you are an athlete and your sport require you to be able to perform powerful movements with the lower body, like jumping, sprinting, bounding and changing direction, then read the rest of this document. To run fast, jump high, change direction, and be explosive, you need strong glutes. Most of your power comes from your hips. That's why i... more

Athletics Training - 2018-02-02

Being able to move faster and more powerfully is a simple recipe for success in athletics. One of the best ways to increase your acceleration, anaerobic endurance (short bursts of strength or speed) and lower-body power is through resistance band speed exercises. Resistance band speed exercises challenge your muscles to develop increased levels ... more

Stretching, Drills and Warm-up with Speed Bands - 2018-01-17

After a thorough foam rolling session you can begin your preparation for exercises or practice. This typically includes: Dynamic stretching Drills Dynamic stretching prepares your body for exertion and sports performance and should be specific for your sport to prepare the muscles. It increases range of motion, blood and oxygen flow an... more

Foam Rolling - Applying the Technique of Self-Myofascial Release - 2017-11-20

Self-Myofascial release is a fancy term for self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points. The method can be performed using a foam roller by applying pressure to specific muscles. Foam Rolling has transformed from a once mysterious technique used only by professional athletes and therapists to a familiar everyday practice for sports p... more

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