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Red Ankle Bands are of medium resistance and are excellent for muscle activation exercises for athletes weighing more than 50kg (stronger athletes). They help build strength in the lower body through a range of exercises. Our Ankle Bands are of the highest quality and used by some of the fastest athletes in the world.

They are excellent for strengthening and stabilising the muscles fibres in your hips and glutes which helps to avoid injuries. Muscle imbalances can be corrected with the use of the Ankle Bands. They are a useful tool in performing isometric exercises which are great for improving speed. This involves holding the knee up under constant tension from the bands for a period of 12-15 seconds. Holding the muscles under this constant tension activates fast-twitch muscle fibres.

It is a very simple product but hugely effective. All sets of Ankle Bands come with an activation training programme which will help bring your athletic performance to a next level.

PLEASE NOTE: All exercises with the Ankle Bands should be done in a slow and controlled manner and is to be used as an Activation tool or to strengthen the core, groins, hips and glutes. The Ankle Band is NOT an explosive tool despite some world class athletes using them together with Speed Bands to do explosive workouts. When used as an explosive tool the Ankle Band's life span will be reduced and it can snap.

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