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THE EXPLOSIVE POWER JUMPER – Is Excellent for Increasing Leg Power and Vertical Jump Height by Activating the Fast Twitch Muscle Fibres in the Glutes, Hamstrings and Quads by adding Resistance.

LEG POWER PROGRAM – The Explosive Power Jumper is used by some of the World’s Best Athletes. We give you the Exact Exercises these Athletes Perform.

INCREASE SPEED and POWER – Our Best Quality Resistance bands and Leg Straps along with the Program will ensure you develop Explosiveness in your hips and major leg muscle groups.

NEXT LEVEL TRAINING – By Adding the Explosive Power Jumper to your Squats, Jumps, Deadlifts, Lunges etc your Fast-Twitch Muscles will be on FIRE Throughout the workout.

THE ATHLETES – Used by Todd Gurley, Beauden Barrett, Antonio Brown and many more athletes of all sports to increase their vertical jump power and that burst of speed.

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