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INCREASE BREAKAWAY ACCELERATION SPEED: The Bullet Release Belt provides resistance which builds up power in the hips, hamstrings, quads and glutes that is instantly released (when the strap is pulled) to recruit more fast-twitch muscle fibres for greater leg drive, stride length and stride frequency giving you increased speed off the mark.

FASTER & MORE POWERFUL STARTS: When your training partner or coach pulls the red strap and releases you to sprint un-resisted you benefit from the contrast effect. The resisted sprint is overloading the body and the Central Nervous System CNS  (brain and spinal cord) with resistance, but once you are released, your legs feel feather light allowing you to move faster than before generating the power needed to boost your acceleration speed over the first ten yards.

360-DEGREE TRAINING: Because athletic movements are not one-dimensional (bar some track and field events) the Bullet Release Belt is designed with a 360 degree belt so you can train in any direction that your sport requires.

VERY EASY TO USE: Simply fasten the durable belt around your waist. Attach the heavy duty steel buckle to the 360 degree ring and you’re ready to train. By simply pulling the red strap the steel buckle opens and releases the athlete to accelerate forward powerfully. The Bullet Release Belt will comfortably fit youth and adult athletes.

Used by professional athletes and coaches, our speed training program will ensure you get the most speed gains from using the Bullet Release Belt. 

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