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BEST QUALITY MINI LOOP RESISTANCE BANDS. Our 12 inch by 2 inch heavy duty resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex and come in 4 varying resistance levels. These are very durable and made for the athlete. The Black X-Heavy band is designed to be suitable for advanced athletes. (These are not the cheap Chinese moulded bands that tear after a few weeks or snap when over stretched) Our bands are produced with layered technology which results in a far more durable resistance band.

REDUCE INJURIES – These superior quality mini loop resistance bands will give you years of use if you look after them. Ideal for muscle activation exercises before more explosive movements like sprinting and changing direction at high speed.

PROGRAM INCLUDED TO BULLET PROOF YOUR MUSCLES – Our Resistance Bands are only as good as the exercises you do with them. We give you a muscle activation program that will prime your hamstrings, glutes, quads and hip-flexors for sprinting. To avoid injuries your muscles must be strengthened correctly to avoid muscle tears.

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